Flutter Quick Start Guide

After download from CodeCanyon, you will get 1 Zip File. Extract the zip file and you will get folder mainfile. Open folder mainfile and you will get folder version of this code, documentation, htdocs.
Choose the latest version of folder and you will get devkit_flutter folder.

Folder List:
  • documentation folder is the documentation to describe about the ui kit, quick start guide and code structure
  • devkit_flutter folder is the main file for the Flutter Project
  • separate_ui_kit folder is the separate app if you only need E-Commerce Template or Food Delivery Template
  • htdocs folder is file for PHP & MySQL Example
Important Notes

If you haven't installed Flutter SDK and Code Editor like Android Studio or VS Code, please follow these steps on this page:

We are using Android Studio to open the devkit_flutter.

Buy once and for a lifetime

DevKit offers 2 licenses - Regular and Extended. Each license is issued once at the time of purchase and does not require extension. All updates are always free for all existing and new customers. Support is provided under Envato support regulations and does not include customization.
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